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Electricity Plugs

Smart Energy 4.0

Utilize, Monitor & Optimize Energy

Trying to be on top of your energy consumption? Smart Energy 4.0 could be the answer. Our solution enables you to identify the areas that utilize the highest amount of energy and helps you optimize energy usage. Apart from factory machines and equipment, energy sources such as power-agnostic analyzers, generators and UPSs can also be integrated with the same solution.

Connect and monitor Power Analyzers / Smart Energy Meters

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Line voltages /currents

  • Phase voltages / currents

  • Active / Reactive / Apparen power

  • Frequency

  • Power factor

  • Total Harmonic Distortions


  • Energy consumption breakdown

  • Power / Voltage / Current profiles


  • Energy usage & cost report [Can be filtered by the Time of Use (ToU) shift and period over period]

  • Maximum power demand report

  • Device online/offline status report

Automated calculation of energy cost under Time-of-Use (ToU) tariff scheme



Real-time data capturing


Real-time energy consumption monitoring


Calculate, compare and contrast energy efficiency across and per geographical location, building, department and machine level


User-friendly dashboards


On-demand reporting capability


Ability to seamlessly integrate with third party systems


Generate proactive alarms and notifications


Smart Insights (advanced analytics)

Your Vision. Our Solutions

We believe that technology should support and enhance your organization’s success, not constrain it. With our wide range of best-in-class services, we provide customized solutions that fit your unique needs. We’re committed to excelling at our job so you can focus on doing yours.

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