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Hospitality 4.0

Facilitating the real time monitoring of facilities, energy and resources vital to your company’s sustainability to enable remote access, effective management and greater control.

Industrial Engineer

ERP systems, Industrial systems, planning systems, meters and sensors generate a massive amount of complex and unstructured machine data that contains a gold mine of information. Harness the machine data to determine everything from operational health to the environment with Hospitality 4.0.

Electricity Plugs

Smart Energy 4.0


Ventilation System Monitoring

Woman in Corn Field

Smart Environment 4.0

fire sprinkler

Fire Safety System Monitoring


Heating/Cooling System Monitoring

Security Cameras

Image Based Physical Security Monitoring

Filament Bulb

Lighting System Monitoring

Air Compressor

Other Utility Monitoring

Gain a 24/7 real-time insights view across multiple systems and data sources from historical data sources!

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