Our team

Our team is a closely knit group of professionals with over hundred years of collective multi disciplinary engineering and business experience, the perfect receipe for success and collobaration

Our team

Our team is a closely knit group of professionals with over hundred years of collective multi disciplinary engineering and business experience, the perfect receipe for success and collobaration

Graduated from the University of Moratuwa after finishing his BSc Hons in Computer Science and Engineering Isuru is currently reading his master’s in information security at University of Colombo School of Computing. He is a pro in Blockchain, Data Science, Information Security, IoT, and Networking. Isuru is a passionate traveler as well as a bookworm. At his leisure time, he dusts off his cycling gear and heads out to test the steel of his wheels.


Graduated from the University of Moratuwa after completing his BSc Hons in Electrical Engineering, Nuwan is currently reading his masters in Aritficial Intelligence from faculty of Information Technology at Moratuwa University. He is devoted to research and development on ML, AI, and Image Processing. Nuwan is an adventurous spirit, who goes on exhilarating hikes and he is always on the look for great places to camp.


Malith has a double major in Electronics, Computing and Information Systems from University of Wayamba whilst completed his MSc from the University of Colombo. His interest lies in the fields of solution designing, research and development on IoT, system integration, and customer engagement strategies. Malith has his heart set on becoming a think-tank one fine day. When not at his laptop, he is most likely to be found with his eyes glued to a book, or perhaps with a guitar in his hands.


Another proud product of the University of Moratuwa (BSc Hons Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering), Chandika is an alpha geek who is well-read in Cloud Computing, IoT, Full Stack Development, Linux and Networking. In his free time, he is likely to be cheering on his favorite soccer team or travelling around the country.


A graduate from the University of Colombo (BSc Hons in Applied Science), Chamod is a computer whizz, who is no stranger to AI, R&D, Data Science, Data Engineering, and Cloud Computing. Chamod is the happiest when he dons a mask and fins to explore the exotic world underwater. He loves getting his fill of the great outdoors by pitching a tent on the beach.


Umesha possesses a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Moratuwa (BSc Hons in Electrical Engineering), and he is keen on learning more about Networking and Electrical Power Systems. He also is into doing research and development on IoT. Umesha is an avid tech reader, who also doesn’t forget to play a good game of cricket when he is on a break.


Having 22+ years of industry experience, Dilan is the Technology guru of X.O Concepts. He is a proud alumnus of University of Moratuwa having Bsc.(Hons) Electronics and Telecommunication and Pg.Dip in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Dilan is an industry renowned Information Security Governance, Risk and Compliance expert. Dilan is an expert in understanding customers’ pain points and providing solutions to address them. Specialised in electronics design and development, industry 4.0, industrial automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics, Dilan loves to test new things out in his spare time whilst reading about latest technologies.


Dulantha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering (B.Eng.- Electrical) from Western Sydney University, Australia. Having a decade long proven experience in orchestrating business across regional markets, Dulantha helps organizations to harness the power of data and engage with them in their Industry 4.0 journey. He is an expert in interconnecting key customers, projects and resources to meet changing business demands. When not brainstorming for ideas, Dulantha tends to catch the action on screen as he is a deep-dyed cricket and rugby fan. He is obsessed with travel and loves getting under the skin of new destinations. A big-time foodie, Dulantha fancies becoming a restaurateur.


Harini obtained her BSc Hons in Business Information Technology from the Staffordshire University and currently, she is reading for her M.A.S in Data Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego – Jacobs School of Engineering. She is a generalist in Data Science, Machine Learning, AI, and NLP/NLU. Harini is keen to explore the depths of human memory structures in neural networks to create precise NLU algorithms. An avid online gamer, Harini plays CoD, DOTA2, LoL and WoW in her spare time. When she is not engrossed in a serious online game, she is on the road exploring the world.


Bhathiya graduated from SLIIT (BSc in Computer Systems & Networking) and currently reading for his MBA in Information Technology. He is eager to sharpen his knowledge in the areas of implementation and development of computer & wireless networking. He is always staying on top of what’s been released and spends more time listening to music than anyone else in our team.


With more than 25+ years of experience in the services industry, Asitha is a very well-known technology professional in the country. Having engineered multiple large-scale projects in Sri Lanka and Maldives Asitha has built up a great rapport with almost all the leading technology providers. Having a strong network in the technological space he is always up to date with the latest industry and business trends. A rugby player in his school days, Asitha is a die-hard All blacks fan.


A proud product of the University of Westminster (B.Eng. Software Engineering), Malinda wears multiple hats and shares a passion for all thing’s tech — research and development to IoT and IT Solutions. In his spare time, he enjoys whipping up new dishes and trying his hands at hobby farming. Malinda is also an amazing public speaker who owns the stage!


Govindu is one of the many Moratuwa University graduates (BSc Hons in Electronics and Telecommunication) in the team. He knows almost everything on electronics, robotics, automation, and IoT solutions. The joy of travel clearly runs in Govindu’s genes and he equally enjoys playing video games.


Deshantha is a Moratuwa University alumnus (BSc Hons in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering). Let it be AI, Cloud Computing, or Cisco Systems, he knows everything in and out. He got wanderlust running through his veins and is a great home cook. Interestingly, Deshantha is enthusiastic about aquaculture and planted plant tank designing.


Pabasari is a graduate of SLIIT (BSc Hons in Electrical and Electronic Engineering) and she is interested in becoming an expert in Engineering Project management and Business Analysis. When not at work, Pabasri is most likely to be found in a cozy corner with an interesting book. She loves to read up on astrology.


Sithija obtained his BSc (Hons) in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Moratuwa. He is a crackerjack when it comes to R&D in electronic hardware, firmware, robotics, and developing IoT solutions. Sithija is a travel lover who feels most at home when he outdoors. He is a die-hard PUBG player, always fighting hard to be the last man standing.


Seshenya is a graduate of University of Moratuwa (BSc Hons in Electrical Engineering) and possesses a passion in full stack development. When not being a jack of all trades in development, Seshenya sees the joy in travelling and camping. Her contending spirit for table tennis and badminton elevates her soul to do great things.


Having 15+ years of industry experience in the local market, Dishan is a techie turned sales pro, who is always looking for happier customers and thriving business. Dishan is the one who takes our sophisticated solutions to customers. He is a fitness and sports enthusiast, a couch cricketer and knows everything about All-Blacks rugby.


Chandika carries a welath of experience providing services in mulitple projects in Sri Lanka and Maldives. He holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, and Civil Work. He is a seasoned professional in network engineering. Chandika is a public-spirited person who is happy to help anyone in need.


Managing a smooth operation at X.O Concepts Indika provides the overall business direction to the team. With over 15 years of industry experience, Indika is an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer and also has also completed his Masters in telecommunications from the University of Moratuwa. As a well-known professional in the telecommunication industry, Indika has given leadership to a few of the landmark telecommunications projects in Sri Lanka. Indika was a soccer player at his university days and a big time sports fanatic.


Iroshana is an industry veteran in Civil Engineering having 20+ years of industry experience and he is our traffic controller who makes sure that everything is in order from both our side and client’s side. He is a travelholic and is eager to go on a new adventure when he takes time off from work.


With years of experience up his sleeves both in Sri Lanka and Maldives, Ruwan is a dab hand at fiber cabling. Ruwan is a multitalented proffessional who will roll up his sleeves to get any challenging job done. He thinks farming is a way of life and he really does have green fingers!