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Shop Floor

Connecting the systems and elements of your shop floor to enable a one-stop platform to provide real time insights of manufacturing outcomes


Machine Data Suite


Optimize your production and increase profitability through real-time actionable data.

M 40.jpg

M 4.0

Improving efficiency & uptime through data driven maintenance management


Smart Knitting & Weaving 4.0

A smart lean management system geared for optimizing your production floor through data-driven decision making

Locate Smart SF.jpg

Locate Smart 4.0

Track your assets from anywhere, at anytime


Smart Workflow Tracker


Automating workflow is easier than you think! Focus more on your core business through tracking your shop floor

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what employees have to say about working for us.



XdotO Concepts has really prioritized my interest in developing new knowledge and skills. The way this company treats its people and goes out of its way to help employees achieve their career goals is something I haven’t seen elsewhere.



My colleagues as supportive as I could ever hope for, always helping me grow and push outside of my comfort zone. And the work is fun, challenging, and dynamic, with each day and each project offering its own unique journey.



I have been privileged to work with a great team that is not only highly capable, but is very supportive of each other and is always on the lookout to uplift each other.

XdotO Concepts is definitely a place that has a welcoming environment for women thinking of entering the industry.

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