Industry 4.0

We provide an ecosystem of solutions from software, hardware tools and platforms which an organization needs to unleash the full potential of Industry 4.0

Aurigaa data collection platform

A simple, single platform for disparate use cases. Built on micro-services architecture, 'Aurigaa' seamlessly collects your business’s glut of data from any source.

Machine data suite

Achieve a 360° view of your manufacturing process - from machine health to quality control to KPIs and environmental parameters


Know your operations in and out. Unified platform which can function as a Network management system (NMS), a facilitiy monitoring system, a site management tool, a remote provisioning/deployment tool and much more.

What we do

Machine data suite

A proven appraoch to achieve a 360 degree view of your manufacturing process by gaining visibility in to machine health to quality control to KPIs and environmental parameters Read more

UnifiewX suite

Unified platform which can function as a Network Management System (NMS), a facilitiy monitoring system, a site management tool, a remote provisioning/deployment tool and much more. Read more

Green.O suite

Bountiful yields, minimized waste and efficient operations with better decisions for smart agriculture. Green.O is here to transform the way you farm — both crops and livestock. Read more

Smart shop-floor suite

Connect your shop-floor to the top-floor for real-time business decisions and seamlessly integrated information flow between disperate systems Read more

Brand influencer loyalty platform

Instead of maintaining manual records about your brand influencers and their loyalty points, get everything onto a single integrated platform. Monitor and manage your brand influencer network with just one click anytime,
anywhere Read more

Intelligent Facility Management Suite

Managing a facility that consists of various utilities — electricity, water, gas, air conditioning, and IT services — by no means is an easy task. To ensure a continuous smooth service, you have to constantly monitor utilities and make sure there aren’t loopholes. But is this possible? Read more

Aurigaa data collection platform

A simple, purpose built platform which can seamlessly collect data from any source. Be it any machine with industrial protocols such as OPC UA, Modbus, BACnet, Profinet, SNMP, HTTP(S), MQTT, SSH etc. or an array of enterprise systems such as ERP, planning engine, BMS or even manual data via tabs, PCs or mobile phones

Nimithi prediction engine

Use of machine learning and deep learning algorithms, Nimithi provides you with the ability to predict events, root cause analysis and adapt to the situation proactively by automatically recommending corrective actions.

Our approach

Industry 4.0 spiral of augmentation

"Our approach is based on the 'Industry 4.0 Maturity Index' which is a mechanism originally proposed by the National Academy of Science and Engineering of Germany based on a study of large number of successful Industry 4.0 implementations.

Our team

Our team is a closely knit group of professionals with over hundred years of collective multi disciplinary engineering and business experience, the perfect receipe for success and collobaration

Partner with us

"We believe in collaboration over competition. Be a part of the X.O Concepts extended family and experience the impact of a powerful partnership"

Reseller partnership

Reseller partners gain maximum returns by reselling our solutions with our dedicated pre-sales and partner management teams providing you with all the support you need.

Solution partnership

Solution partners can extend their capabilities to resell, implement and set up solutions for clients as well as to compliment thier own expertise area of work with our technology

Distributor partnership

Dsitributor partners are highly valued partners of system integrators, OEMs etc. for a particular region or a market segment who can gain exclusive benefits