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Data-Driven Solutions for Future-Driven Businesses

Wondering how we could transform your business? XdotO Concepts empowers your business with customized data-driven solutions powered by Industry 4.0. Check out our range of futuristic solutions and what they mean for your business. 

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Meet the XdotO Concepts Team

We are a bunch of tech-geeks and organized rebels. We are here to help you break the status quo and see your business through a new pair of lenses. Whatever we do, our core value remains the same; delivering exceptional value to our clients as an enabler of Industry 4.0. 

Hear It from Our Customers

XdotO Concepts provided us with a comprehensive smart weaving solution powered by the Aurigaa Data Acquisition Platform and Machine Data Suite, which facilitated the identification and acquisition of business data on various focus areas, while providing us with useful analysis on those data to improve each focus area...

Shanaka, Group Chief Digital Officer - Stretchline Holdings

At XdotO Concepts, we believe in the power of smart data and offer solutions that deliver immediate value. When we look at your business we see opportunities hiding in plain sight. We are here to show you the unseen and take your business to the next level.

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Make Industry 4.0 Work for Your Industry

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X.O Concepts Private Limited
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Colombo 07,
Sri Lanka

(+94) 112 551 009

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XdotO Concepts Pte Limited
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